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Elvis at International Hotel Las Vegas

Elvis Presley reborn in the new biopic movie and getting married in Las Vegas with Elvis

Ever since Australian director Baz Luhmann, noted for directing Moulin Rouge along with Romeo and Juliet and Australia announced back in 2014 that he would make a definitive "Elvis Movie," fans of Luhmann have been waiting and waiting for the film which has finally arrived (Officially released June 24th) both critics and fans are now breathing a sigh of relief that Baz Luhmann has created another masterpiece. In fact, as far back as 1979, approximately a year and a half after the "King" died in 1977, biopic movies and dramas about Elvis have been cropping up here and there. Nevertheless, none of the previous Elvis movies. including the 1979 film called Elvis and various documentary-style films such as Elvis & Nixon, Elvis, and the Beauty Queen, The Searcher, and This is Elvis has ever gone the complete Hollywood as the $150 million dollars Baz Luhmann film. Baz has a reputation in completely immersing himself in his films, and his new movie about the King is no exception. Starring Austin Butler as the King and Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker, Christy Lemiere of NPR described the film as "over the top and extremely entertaining. Most other critics were just as delighted by the film although most agreed that Baz Luhrmann simply overwhelmed the senses in his treatment. Meanwhile, the audience reaction on Rotten Tomatoes is hovering around 93 percent, with more than 1,000 reviews flooding in. Most fans found the film exceedingly riveting, with high praise as expected for Tom Hanks but even more so for Austin Butler who was best known for his roles in the Carrie Diaries in 2012, and a brief role as Tex Watson in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. No question though, that after his role as the King in Bas Luhrmann's new movie, producers will come a-knocking with other juicy roles. Austin Butler simply stuns in the role, the same way Gary Busey took the world stage when he absolutely rocked the Buddy Holly Story. Attention on Las Vegas Since the King and Priscilla got married in Vegas, and since getting married and having an Elvis impersonator show up at the wedding, even more attention than usual is now taking place for Las Vegas weddings. With over 100,000 weddings taking place annually (roughly 273 a day) and over 50 wedding chapels in the city, Vegas truly deserves its reputation for being the wedding capital of the world. With over 4 of those wedding Chapeles being totally dedicated to the "King" and the majority of the other 46 wedding chapels also offering Elvis impersonators, it is truly a challenge to make up your mind as to which wedding chapel to choose from but perhaps no other wedding chapel in the city offers the services of the Chapel of Crystals. Previously owned by Pricilla Pressley herself, the Chapel of the Crystals is located at the world-famous Westgate Resort & Casino at 3000 Paradise Road. Originally operating as the International Hotel when it opened in 1969, the Westgate Resort & Casino has gone through a number of name changes over the years, and from 1981 to 1990, the Westgate Resort & Casino was considered the largest hotel in the world, and quite honestly is the epitome of Elvis-type impersonators, running an annual King of Vegas festival each year to honor the King. Priscilla and her rockstar husband were actually married in the Alladin hotel, which was closed in 1997 and was imploded for demolition in 1998 to allow new construction. When the new Alladin opened, (eventually becoming Planet Hollywood) the Alladin didn't do so well and suffered serious financial difficulties. Meanwhile, the Westgate Resort & Casino thrived, and the Chapel of Crystals, with its relationship to Priscilla and the hotel, which featured plenty of Elvis-type impersonators, became the defacto Original wedding Chapel of the City. Nowadays, there are plenty of wedding chapels to choose from of course, but the Chapel of Crystals at the Westgate ( there are actually two other chapels in Vegas owned by the same company)is still considered not only the original by many Presley fans but has a sense of allure that other chapels have difficulty capturing. So when you want to get married in Las Vegas, and you want the full treatment, not just the official justice of the Peace route, then the Chapel of Crystals may be just your cup of tea. What does the Chapel of Crystals offer? First of all, quite naturally, the Chapel of Crystals offers weddings, the renewal of vows, and commitment ceremonies featuring Elvis-type impersonators. And these impersonators come in all types? Gay and Lesbian couples can get a King impersonator tailored to their lifestyle, there are Black, Asian, Latino, little people, rather corpulent entertainers and big and tall ones. The better impersonators also carry a decent rendition of "Love Me Tender," the "Thrill of Your Love," or "Can't help falling in love." At the time of his passing, the King had approximately 170 impersonators in Vegas and now worldwide there are nearly 250,000 or so. Not all of them of course make a living being an Elvis-type impersonator, but for many, not only is it great fun, but it brings in a few bucks now and then, along with the adulation (fake though it may be) of many fans. There are plenty of Elvis impersonators who cannot sing at all, who nevertheless collect around $10 or $15 bucks for a snapshot of you and the King, and what the heck, why not put one on your Facebook page. But to really get thrilled at your Las Vegas Wedding, the Chapel of Crystals is your place. First, note that, unlike many Elvis-type impersonators, the Chapel actually pays a royalty fee to the Estate of the Late King, so when you go with the Chapel you are getting the very best. What are your options? The cheapest option is to have your impersonator show up in costume, give you and your bride a pair of Elvi sunglasses to wear during the ceremony, and perform two live Presley songs. This will run you about $149, not counting booking fees, official marriage license fees and other extraneous event fees. However, unlike many wedding chapels in Las Vegas, the Crystal Chapel lays everything out front. There are no hidden fees involved. If you want an extravagant event with three different "King love songs," photographs, a digital recording of the ceremonies and a bottle of champagne to boot you can get that for a pretty reasonable price of around $379. The chapel also offers an on-demand Elvi impersonator wedding officiating service for $350 on any place on the Strip or Downtown Las Vegas. Many people go for one of these packages because the image of the King evokes the memories and feelings of true love, even though they know the real king has long since departed. Other services For those who want a more traditional service, the chapel offers that in many forms from a simple "make it legal" no ceremony wedding to a complete wedding including Limo, Rental Tux, Gowns, Makeup, photo and digital services as well as hotel room access at the Westgate. For those who want something more risque than an Elvis-type wedding, the chapel also offers a complete array of mobster-type weddingSigned Bugsy Certificate. The chapel also offers outdoor or scenic weddings at places such as the Vegas sign, Red Rock Canyon, or even a Vegas Helicopter Wedding. And the same type of package is available for couples wanting to renew their vows or have a same-sex wedding. Not only does the chapel not discriminate against same-sex couples, but since Nevada officially recognizes both same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships, the chapel welcomes lesbian and gay couples with open arms. Since the new Baz Luhmann just came out the chapel has already seen a substantial uptick in weddings and renewal of vows ceremonies so interested couples may want to consider booking now. The chapel has a reputation for service that cannot be beaten in Las Vegas, and they offer everything from Gowns and Tuxedos to professional makeup to make your wedding or renewal ceremony special. Voted the best wedding chapel in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Reviews, and named as the Most Beautiful Chapel at the Best Prices in Vegas, the Chapel is pretty much the only place you should consider in Vegas for your ceremony. The chapel even offers a broadcast service over the internet so that you can share your nuptials or your renewing of vows with your family no matter where they are. For the best price, the best service, and the most thoughtful wedding ceremonies in Vegas, we are the first place you should consider and we have countless positive reviews to back this up. Call us today to book your wedding or renewal ceremony with us. Our phone number is (702) 327-3600, or email us at


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