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Customer Responsibility Contract


These terms and conditions are a contract between the Ceremony Couple and ELLE 2 LLC of Las Vegas, NV ("dba Chapel of Crystals"). Paying a deposit or any monies is considered acceptance of these terms and conditions and accepting this contract in electronic format is the equivalent of signing a paper contract with ELLE 2 LLC. We are very excited that you have chosen ELLE 2 LLC for your wedding. Below is very important information, which will help make your day as stress free and seamless as possible. Please read these terms and conditions carefully as all paid monies become non-refundable upon booking and are considered a Final Sale.



The doors to the chapel open 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony time for the “Ceremony Couple” and ALL guest to arrive and check-in. Upon arriving at the Chapel, you (the Ceremony Couple) will meet together with your Minister, A Wedding Coordinator and The Photographer (If Included in Package) to go over your ceremony and any outstanding balances. It is very important to arrive 30min prior the ceremony time because we often host more than one wedding in a day and it is very likely there may be another wedding scheduled immediately before or after yours (Late arrival / Rescheduling fees applies – No Exceptions). Please note your ceremony will still end at its originally scheduled time, even if it starts late.

If you wish to remain separated before the ceremony, you MUST pre-arrange this with the Chapel prior the ceremony date. The Chapel must be prepared to keep you in different locations and ensure that you do not see one another before the ceremony and enough time is blocked. This is an optional upgrade, but it must be added and paid for prior to your ceremony. Please talk to your Wedding Coordinator for details. 


Changes to Your Wedding Plan

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, and a very personal experience. Each couple is unique in their desires and vision for their special day. We at ELLE 2 LLC, in an effort to preserve your individual vision, will not allow any changes of any nature to your plan, by anyone other than the two of you, our couple, as named in your profile, without the written consent of at least one primary party to the plan. This includes, but is not limited to: change of date, time, venue, upgrades, downgrades, additional products and/or services, deletion of products and/or services, and/or any aspect of the ceremony process itself.

Please Note that Downgrades in packages are not permitted once booked. Upgrades are allowed only if our schedule permits. Upgrades are NOT guaranteed.

Floral Orders

If you would like to order flowers for your party, or if you would like something other than the floral arrangements included in your ceremony plan please talk to your Wedding Coordinator for assistance and details.

We ask that you confirm your final floral order no later than (3) days prior to your ceremony. If you decide to make last minute changes where your flowers have already been made, there will be additional fees to remake or change your floral specifications. In the event you do not update your flowers at or before the (3) day deadline, we will default to using red roses and white ribbon.

Please note that we do not accept deliveries or hold flowers from an outside vendor if you chose to order in your own flowers.

No Fresh Rose Petals or Glitters are permitted inside the chapel as they do stain our floors and carpet. Cleaning Fee will apply.


Photos / Filming

ELLE 2 LLC embraces privacy and copyrights laws. With cell phones and technology so readily available, it’s tempting for guests to have their phones or cameras out in attempt to capture the event. We have found that this greatly diminishes the quality of the professional photography and videography provided by the Chapel. We believe that your family and friends should be able to sit back and enjoy your ceremony while letting the professionals work. In order for us to provide the best possible ceremony and copyrights purposes we ask that guests not use any video or camera devices inside the chapel (including Entrance/Gazebo). The Ceremony Couple is responsible to inform their guests of those rules prior the ceremony and are responsible for any additional fees that will apply.

COUPLES PHOTOS / VIDEO: All photography & videography taken are done in-house by our photographer & videographer of the ceremony couple only. If time permits, additional photos of guests will be taken (photographer discretion) which will be available to purchase after the ceremony. Photos taken are chosen by our photographer only (standard chapel poses).

PHOTOS PICKUP: All Photos & Videos are available for pickup after Three (3) business days on a CD. We do offer Photo expedite and digital transfer services for additional fees. Please contact the chapel to arrange the expedited service.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS SESSION: We understand photography is an important part of your wedding day! If you are interested in additional poses and special photography requests, we offer World-Class Photographers for additional fee. Contact your wedding coordinator for information.

GUESTS PHOTOS / FILMING: We offer two types of Guests Media Passes which also includes chapel copyrights release. Our Basic Media Pass ($85 Cell phones Only) and our Full Media Pass ($200 All Devices includes DSLR).

OUTSIDE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Outside Photography is permitted at an additional pre-paid cost. We will provide direction to the contracted photographer on rules and policies for shooting during a ceremony. The Chapel is not held liable for the quality of the photos/videos and if the contracted photographer does not follow our policies. Photographer time is limited to the Ceremony time booked. For Additional time please contact your wedding coordinator for assistance.


COPYRIGHTS: You are hereby notified that ELLE 2 LLC holds all copyrights to images taken by ELLE 2 LLC Photographers of you and your ceremony and as such ELLE 2 LLC has permission to use, distribute, publish and otherwise use images as it so chooses without prior consent. Although, when possible, ELLE 2 LLC will seek to obtain approval, you shall have no right of approval, no claim to compensation, and no claim (including without limitation, claims based upon invasion of privacy, defamation, or right of publicity) arising out of any use, alteration, blurring, distortion, faulty reproduction, illusionary effect, or other use in any composite form of your name, picture, likeness, voice, and biographical information. Individual images, individual image copyrights, and the copyrights in their entirety (with some limitations) are available for purchase. Unless otherwise indicated all images sold individually do not include copyrights. ELLE 2 LLC retains the right to use any images, even those sold with copyrights, for promotional purposes.

Any photo/video products purchased are non-refundable and final. Chapel will only keep backup of the photos and videos for 90 days of the ceremony. 

Internet Broadcasting

We proudly offer Internet Viewing for your family and friends who are unable to attend your ceremony in person. Your ceremony plan indicates whether or not you have live internet broadcasting. You can add the service to any ceremony package for an additional fee.

Please note your confirmed time is when your time in the chapel begins, not necessarily when the ceremony will begin. Please advise your online guests to be patient as you meet with your Minister, Photographer and a Wedding Coordinator before the ceremony. We recommend that your guests be ready to view your ceremony fifteen (15) minutes before your confirmed ceremony time and keep the viewing screen up for at least fifteen (15) minutes after your confirmed ceremony time.

Technical Difficulties: Internet connections are not always reliable. We will do our best to broadcast your indoor ceremony live, if your package includes this service, however sometimes technical difficulties are out of our control. If your package includes the live broadcasting, and there is an issue with the live feed, we will upload your video as soon as possible and extend your online viewing time as a courtesy. Please notify your guests of this policy and ask them to continue to check the link for your broadcast if they do not see it right away.


Outdoor ceremonies do not include internet broadcasting. If your Gazebo ceremony includes a Videographer we will have the ceremony available for online viewing within twenty-four (24) hours from your ceremony time. We recommend asking your online guests to check the website for your broadcast availability or to plan to watch the ceremony on the following day.

All Internet Broadcasting are not saved and therefore do not stay online after the ceremony is completed. We highly recommend you add a Videographer to record the ceremony as well.

Ceremony Music

We offer Traditional Music to all packages that include a Ceremony for no extra charge. If your package includes “Custom Music” please bring a Bluetooth device. Packages that include custom songs are limited to Two (2) Songs only and shall not exceed 90 Seconds each. For Additional Songs and More time please contact your wedding coordinator to arrange the add-on. Fees will apply. Songs with Vulgar or Offensive lyrics are NOT permitted and will be replaced with our Traditional Songs.

Chapel of Crystals is Licensed by BMI for playing music for commercial use at our location. 

Nevada State Marriage License

If you choose to have your ceremony legally recognized you MUST have a Nevada State Marriage License prior to your wedding and provide it at the time of your ceremony, or at your consultation. We are unable to perform a legally binding ceremony without a Nevada State Marriage License. Visit www.MLIC.VEGAS for information on obtaining your marriage license.

If you do not have a Nevada State Marriage License prior to your ceremony, your ceremony will be performed as a commitment ceremony or it can be moved to a later time (pending your purchase of a Nevada State Marriage License), based on availability and subject to a change fee.

RENEWAL OF VOWS: Renewal of Vows ceremonies do not require a marriage license, but you will be asked sign a document stating that you are legally married at the chapel.

IMPORTANT: Marriage is a legally binding agreement. If either member of the Ceremony Couple shows signs of impaired judgment, then we reserve the right to delay or cancel the ceremony. Fees will apply.

Officiation Fee

All our packages do not include the mandatory “Officiation Fee” and NV Sales Tax of 8.375%. These fees are paid upon check-in.

  1. Traditional Weddings: $65 Officiation Fee.

  2. Impersonators/Spanish : $150 Officiation Fee.

  3. Outdoor Scenic: $200 Officiation Fee.

The Impersonator and Scenic Weddings Officiation fee is in lieu of the $60 Traditional Fee. The Officiation fee covers the services of your ceremony staff, filing of the legal paperwork, ceremony preparation and cleaning of the chapel.

OUTSIDE MINISTERS: You are able to have an Outside Minister present to perform your ceremony should they be ordained and properly licensed in the State of Nevada. The fee to have an Outside Minister is to be pre-paid and is $150. We will require your Minister to bring his/her original Valid NV Officiant License prior the ceremony and a photocopy for our records. Outside Ministers must follow chapel guidelines at all times and limit their ceremony to 10 minutes only.

MINISTER FEE: We do not have any Minister Fee or Donation required. Our Ministers are either Employees of the Chapel or Contracted to perform your ceremony. All our Officiants and Contracted Officiants are verified and legal to perform ceremonies in the State of Nevada.


Gratuities are customary for any services provided, particularly in Las Vegas. Many couples wish to recognize their Ministers, Wedding Coordinators, Photographers, and Limousine Drivers with a gratuity, but are unsure of typical gratuity amounts. Below you will see what we would suggest based on Las Vegas industry standard.

CHAPEL STAFF & OFFICIANT: The suggested gratuity range in Las Vegas is $50 to $100 which is shared by the chapel staff.

LIMO DRIVER(S): For transportation provided on your wedding day, most couples choose to give $40 per ride.

Ceremony Guests

ELLE 2 LLC understands how important family and friends are, especially on your wedding day. Please also understand that you (the Ceremony Couple) are our primary focus - it’s your special day! Please make guests aware that food, drinks and alcohol may not be consumed on property nor in the limousines. Also, Nevada law prohibits smoking or other forms of consumption of marijuana in a public place including on the Chapel grounds and in a moving vehicle. As a result, such behavior will not be allowed on our property and in the limousines. A cleaning fee of $200 applies in the event of spills or damages.

WAITING AREAS: Please be aware of extreme heat in Las Vegas, especially during the summer. We have a lobby area in which the Ceremony Couple may wait, but we may not have indoor waiting facilities available for your guests, especially on Saturdays.

GUEST COUNT: Our property has multiple ceremony locations, each able to accommodate a specific number of guests. If your guest count increases above the maximum capacity in your chosen chapel, your ceremony may be moved to a larger chapel. Please be advised some larger chapels and larger guest counts require additional fees.

LARGE GROUP FEE: All our wedding packages include up to 5 Guests for no additional charge (All Inclusive Packages are exempted). Sign & Go packages can have up two guests as witnesses only.

>> Additional Guests

6 to 15 Guests = $150;

16 to 25 Guests = $250;

26 to 35 Guests = $350;

36 to 50 Guests = $450.


Outdoor Ceremonies

Even if you are having an outdoor ceremony, in our Gazebo, an indoor chapel is always reserved on your behalf in case of inclement weather and for staffing purposes. Although our Gazebo venue provides a unique location for your ceremony, please understand that this area is only semi-private. We make every effort to provide you with an intimate setting; however, we cannot control every circumstance. If, at any point before the ceremony, you prefer to host your wedding indoors, simply let the staff know and every effort will be made to accommodate you and your guests.

We will be unable to provide a “Sand Service” and “Live Broadcast” for Outdoor Ceremonies even if it is included in your package. Those Services cannot be replaced or exchanged with any other service or product we offer.

Coupons/ Discounts / Special Deals

Any coupons or discount offers must be presented at the time of your booking or before your final payment. Coupons and discounts will not be honored at a later date. Please email or mail the coupon or discount offer to your Wedding Planner so it may be applied to your plan. Coupons can only be used towards additional products or services. We cannot offer cash back.

No Coupons/Vouchers/Discounts can be used after reservation/booking is made. Please note we can't accept any deals once we have booked you. Please call us to redeem any deals prior booking online. Limited Time Offer are not guaranteed and have no monetary value therefore cannot be exchanged or refunded. All Offers are till supply lasts or till the promotion expires. Restrictions, Availability and Blackout dates applies. Management have the right to cancel all offers without prior notice. Contact your Wedding Coordinator for information.

Your Booking Payment and Rescheduling / Cancellations


BOOKING PAYMENT: The booking payment, including the required package deposit fee, is non-refundable after the booking is made during our promotional period (No Exceptions). In the case of Cancellation seven (7) days prior your ceremony the amount paid will be extendable and transferable for up to ninety (90) days from the date of original reservation.


CANCELLATIONS (Discounted & Sale Packages/Services):

All Promotional Discounted Packages are final sale and NON-Refundable under any circumstances therefore the promotional price. Once the discounted package is reserved and paid for all monies become non-refundable.

CANCELLATIONS (Full Price Packages/Services):

No Refund only Chapel Credit valid for 12 month of date of making the reservation. Credit can be used on Chapel Services.

ALL Packages Booked at SALE or DISCOUNT Prices are FULLY NON-REFUNDABLE and Final Sale. There is no exemption to this. By Booking with Chapel of Crystals you are agreeing of such terms and understand this is a final sale.

Change of Date, Time or Chapel:

1 - A Rescheduling Fee is waived: For your first change of date, time or chapel if you call more than thirty (30) days prior to your confirmed ceremony date and time.


2- Rescheduling Fee of $35 will be charged:

a) For all additional changes of date, time (after the Initial one free change).

b) For your first change of date, time or chapel if you call less than thirty (30) days prior to your confirmed ceremony date and time.

c) If your wedding must be rescheduled because you are late for your wedding or your limousine pickup; you wish to wait for late guests; you forgot your marriage license and do not wish to proceed as a commitment ceremony.

d) If you contact us within seven (7) days of your confirmed ceremony date and time, and you want to move your ceremony to another date less than seven (7) days from your original date.

e) Rescheduling will not be allowed: If you contact us within seven (7) days of your ceremony date/time and want to reschedule your ceremony to another date more than seven (7) days from the original date and time. If you need to reschedule under these circumstances, you must purchase an entirely new ceremony plan as we will have already prepared for your ceremony with staff, products and services.

f) No Show / No Call: All monies paid will be forfeited with no refunds accepted. Balance of package and officiation fee will be due by invoice within 48 hours of ceremony. A New Booking and Deposit will be needed to reserve a new date.

HOLIDAY FEE: a holiday fee of $75 will be applied to the starting Traditional package for the following days: Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Christmas Day, April Fool’s Day, New Year’s Eve & Day and any day deemed special by the Chapel. Contact your Wedding Planner directly to verify if the fee applies to your chosen wedding date.

Payments and Balance Due

In order to give you the special day you are hoping for, we require that your balance be paid seven (7) days prior to your ceremony. If you have a balance seven (7) days prior to your ceremony and we do not hear from you and/or cannot get a hold of you, it is possible that your ceremony, or additional products and services, may be cancelled. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, each of which will incur a nominal processing fee of seven (7) dollars. We do not accept personal checks.

All payments made within seven (7) days of your ceremony and after your ceremony has completed are non-refundable.


Personal Vows

You are more than welcome to write your Personal Vows to each other for your ceremony! These Vows do have a 2 minutes limit to be certain we stay within the ceremony timeline. Your Vows are to be submitted via E-mail three (3) days prior your Ceremony date for review by Management and to be approved. Vows exceeding the 2 minutes limit or Vows no submitted on time will not be approved.

Limousine Transportation

In compliance with safety regulations, our limousines will gladly transport up to six (6) passengers, including the Ceremony Couple. Everyone riding in the limo MUST be picked up at the same location. Our limousines are limited to one (1) pickup location, and one (1) drop off location on the Las Vegas "Strip" or Downtown on Fremont Street. If you need additional limousines for your party, please contact your wedding coordinator. Our limousines cannot travel to the airport or to residences. In all Scenic packages the limit is four (4) passengers, including the Ceremony Couple. If you are traveling with a child (or children) who require a child safety seat, we recommend that you provide the seat(s) best suited for your child(ren). We do not provide children/infant seats. We do ask that you install the car seat in the vehicle. Due to safety regulations Drivers are not permitted to assist in the installation of the seats.


HOTEL: Upon arrival in Las Vegas, please call the Chapel with your hotel name and room number. Please advise if your room is registered under a different name.

It is important that you are dressed for your ceremony, ready, and waiting in your room one (1) hour prior to your ceremony time. Your Limo Driver will call you in you to confirm your exact pickup time and location. Cell phones are unreliable in the hotels and we only use them as backup. Standard pickup is one (1) hour prior ceremony scheduled time unless told differently by your Wedding Coordinator.

We are unable to make exceptions to our Limousine Policy. If you choose to not follow these instructions, it is important that you understand how this may impact your wedding day:

If you are not in your hotel room when your Limo Driver calls with instructions, and we cannot locate you, or if you fail to follow the instructions given by your Limo Driver, you may miss your limo pickup and it will be cancelled (No refund). We also may be forced to reschedule your ceremony to the next available time. Keep in mind, the next available time may be the following day. Limousine Drivers are instructed to wait no more than 5 minutes from the agreed time of pickup. Please review our Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies.

Limousine service part of any package are NON-Exchangeable and NON-Refundable. All Limousine services must be booked NO Later than 72 hours prior your Ceremony Date. No Last-Minute Limousine services can be provided.

By booking a limo service you accept and agree that this is a third party service. Elle 2 LLC is not liable or responsible for any injuries or any legal matter. You agree to not hold ELLE 2 LLC liable for any damages or injury that may incur during the use of this service. Using this service is at your own risk.

Late Arrival

CEREMONY COUPLE: We recommend selecting a package that includes courtesy limousine service to and from the Chapel. If you decline our courtesy limousine service or choose to arrive on your own, please arrive at least thirty (30) minutes prior to your ceremony time and check-in at the Wedding Information Office towards the back of the property. If you arrive late, your ceremony may be rescheduled to the next available time. Keep in mind, the next available time may be the following day. A possible $35 rescheduling fee will apply. Please review our Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies below.


GUESTS: If your guests arrive late, we cannot "hold" a ceremony from starting. Once the ceremony starts, late guests may not enter the chapel. If you choose not to proceed with your ceremony because of late guests we will reschedule your ceremony to the next available time, and the rescheduling fee of $35 will apply. Keep in mind, the next available time may be the following day. Please review our Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies below.

Arbitration of Disputes

In the event there are any disputes or controversies that arise between the parties pursuant to the terms of the aforesaid Contract and Services, then the parties are waiving their right to litigate these issues in court and instead elect to have these disputes resolved through arbitration. The parties agree that any disputes are to be arbitrated through the American Arbitration Association and that the parties agree to abide by the rules of the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. WHEREFORE, it is agreed that all claims and disputes arising or relating to the Contract or Services are to be settled by binding arbitration in the State of Nevada. Said arbitration is to be resolved through the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association and the parties agree to abide by these rules. Any decision or award as a result of any such arbitration shall be issued in writing and the arbitrator shall be mutually selected pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. Any arbitration award may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the parties agree that the maximum amount the customer can request or recover is limited to the value they paid to the Chapel. Additionally, Chapel of Crystals (ELLE 2 LLC) reserves the right to request reimbursement for all legal fees and costs incurred in resolving any disputes.


Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. Please review our Privacy Policy on our website.



Customer represents and agrees that the terms and amount of this Agreement are considered confidential and will not be communicated to any third party.



Ceremony Couple agrees not to make any statements, written or verbal, or cause or encourage others to make any statements, written or verbal, that defame, disparage, or in any way criticize or cast in a negative light the personal or business reputation, practices, or conduct of the Company or its affiliated companies or any of their officers, agents, directors, supervisors, employees or representatives. Ceremony Couple acknowledges and agrees that this prohibition extends to statements, written or verbal, made to anyone, including but not limited to, the news media, investors, potential investors, any board of directors or advisory board or directors, industry analysts, competitors, strategic partners, vendors, representatives, potential customers, and clients, whether or not any such statement would be privileged. Furthermore, Ceremony Couple acknowledges and agrees that pursuant to this prohibition he/she will not provide, create, or assist in the creation of any disparaging content or statements regarding Company to any internet source, website, forum, message board, or the like, regardless of whether or not any of the Parties owns or operates any such source or website. Ceremony Couple are always encouraged to contact ELLE 2 LLC management for assistance to resolve any service issues .


Chargeback Reimbursement

In case of a contract breach and a chargeback claim made against ELLE 2 LLC after services been reserved. The Ceremony Couple agrees to reimburse ELLE LLC , regardless of completion of Service of all Legal Fees, Outstanding Fees, Consultants Time and a one-time Chargeback Fee of $200 to be paid No later then Three (3) days from request. Additional fees will incur for any delays in the excess of fifty (50) Dollars per additional day not to exceed a total of $2500 per claim. Contact ELLE 2 LLC prior any chargeback request to assist you with any issues and to clarify any questions.



Elle 2 LLC is not responsible or liable for any items left in or around the Chapel and the surrounding grounds or vehicles, and any damage of property or vehicles. Elle LLC is not responsible nor liable for fire, flood, vandalism, lost mail, or any accident that may arise. Elle 2 LLC is not responsible nor liable for any damaged or lost marriage licenses, photos, videos, or storage devices. These terms of service are subject to change without any prior notification. Anything not listed in the terms of service is open to interpretation and change by ELLE 2 LLC without prior notice. Lastly, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

By signing or attaching your electronic signature, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions. I understand & agree this is a legal representation of my signature.



Our Terms and Conditions and Elle 2 LLC Customer Responsibility Contract is Non-Negotiable and Final.

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