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Why Choose a Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas?

1. Opportunities Galore: Only in Las Vegas can you experience a wedding in

So many varied ways. Whether you want Vegas-only specials, like an Elvis officiant or drive-through vows, or you’d like the extravagance and customer service of a luxury hotel’s wedding chapel, you’ll find just about any chapel to fit your taste.

2. Themed Weddings are A-OK: There’s nothing strange about themes in Las Vegas. From staff’s outfits to the surrounding décor, Las Vegas offers chapels created to fit a wide variety of themes. Dress in medieval attire at the Excalibur chapel, live long and prosper at the Hilton’s Star Trek wedding experience, or pretend you’re marrying in France at the peak of the Eiffel Tower at Las Vegas' Paris Hotel.

3. Easy Marriage License Application: Las Vegas hosts one of the easiest marriage license application processes worldwide. With no blood test, no waiting period, and no residency requirement, you can stroll into any Las Vegas marriage license bureau with your identification and $77 to quickly be issued a license. Then hop across the street to seal the deal just as quickly in a wedding chapel.

4. No Stressful Planning: Depending on the wedding chapel you choose, the chapel staff can provide wedding basics—flowers, photography, rings, champagne, cake, or a limousine. Just keep in mind the level of quality you want when you choose a chapel. Some wedding chapels prefer to keep costs down with fake floral arrangements and no receptions.

5. It’s Fast: If you need to be married now, whether it seems like the right thing to do at that time or it’s because you don’t have time to plan a wedding (such as before military deployment), wedding chapels are your solution. Get that quickie marriage because all that matters is you two are now officially man and wife. Just be careful about finding a chapel that fits your expectations. At some speedy locations, you’ll have twenty minutes in the chapel before you’re rushed out the door to make room for the next couple.

6. Any Size: You can choose your wedding chapel to accommodate almost any number of attendees. Whether you want an intimate ceremony for two or a grander occasion with invited guests, you can find a wedding chapel to match your needs.

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